Who we work for


We serve a diverse clientele of international, regional and local organizations  and private clients all across the Caribbean. Our projects range in size, scale, building types and  budgets throughout our portfolio of work. We offer Design, Construction Supervision, Project Management and LEED AP services for all our projects. A large percentage of our projects are for overseas clients who wish to develop projects in the Caribbean. Our portfolio of work is thematic rather than stylistic and represents a very flexible and wide range of architectural styles to satisfy our individual client needs.

Some of our clients are:

  1. European Union
  2. Chukka Tours
  3. National Housing Trust
  4. Tourism Development Product
  5. Case IH
  6. Moorelands Development
  7. Gwest Corporation( medical)
  8. Devon House Jamaica
  9. SERVOL Ltd.
  10. Tourism Intelligence International Ltd.
  11. China Railway Construction (Caribbean) Co. Ltd.
  12. Yara Trinidad Ltd
  13. China Jiangsu International Corporation