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Huawei Head Office

YEAR : 2022 LOCATION : Kingston, Jamaica CATEGORY : Commercial Huawei Head Office – Kingston, Jamaica


Grapefruit Crescent – Home Office

YEAR : 2022 LOCATION : Trinidad CATEGORY :


Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) Co-Operative Credit Union Ltd.

YEAR : 2020 LOCATION : Kingston, Jamaica CATEGORY : Commercial



The National Commercial Bank has relocated its exiting branch from the bustling town of Negril to the famous nine mile world renown beach centre. This meant the reduction of current space occupied by the existing branch to half its size while keeping the same staff compliment. This also included that the new layout was aligned with their current banking practices and met their needs for the future.  The branch is designed to be open in its layout and aligned with the existing business model in terms of the layout of spaces to promote electronic and mobile banking for the future.


General Food Supermarket

The General Food Supermarket in Liguanea is one of two supermarket branches in Kingston and Ocho Rios, Jamaica. The project is an upgrade and replacement for the existing supermarket  which forms a part of the existing facilities of Liguanea Plaza – which is one of the most used plazas in Kingston. The new supermarket is designed on a sloping site to the rear of the property and the existing supermarket will be demolished in the future as the new replaces the old. The supermarket is designed with sustainable features such as solar powered lighting, water catchment and reuse and energy efficient lighting, fixtures and equipment. This project is currently underway and its operating cost is expected to be reduced by an estimated 30% – according to our energy simulations and careful placement of spaces, use of materials and equipment to reduce energy consumption. The project is anticipated to be the most energy efficient supermarket in Jamaica for some time due to the special care taken to reduce its running cost through using sustainable equipment and designed techniques and increase its profitability for our clients.



The National Commercial Bank is expanding and renovating its existing branch in the hills of Christiana Manchester. This branch is modern in its architectural style and located  on the Main Street in this small town. This branch is being expanded to fit with the new digital age of banking by rearranging banking operations and including mobile and electronic means of banking with kiosk( electronic) machines allowing banking to be accessible twenty four hours a day. The building being doubled in size with a complete upgrade with services and is designed to to be fully sustainable with a significant reduction in operation cost for the client.


Select Grocers

The Select Foods Brand is a new brand established by Sampars Trading to transition from a largely wholesale trading of goods entity to an elite retail supermarket. This project was a renovation of an existing supermarket and was carried out in a short timeline of six weeks. This included improving the existing equipment and designing new cashier, produce, and meats services areas, internal deli and kiosk rental spaces. This project was executed through working closely with the contractor and workmen on day and night shifts in order to give direction and enable the project and client to be able to take over the space and resume smooth operations in a short time.



The National Commercial Bank is in the process of building a new branch on the  grounds of the existing bank in Port Maria, Jamaica. This is a historic town and sits below sea level in some areas and is prone to flooding. The new branch is design to be raised above the ground to prevent flooding in the future while being positioned adjacent to the Outram river to its west. In addition, the existing banking operations will have to be maintained, while the new building is built to replace the old without loss of revenue. The sequencing and implementation of this design is critical to the operations of the branch, while promoting electronic and mobile banking for the future.



Located on Point Lisas Industrial Estate in Central Trinidad, the organising thought behind the redesign of Yara’s Maintenance Change and Washroom facility was centred around the company’s Visual Identity.  The design recruited an approach that was “simple, optimistic, human, organized and united” – Yara, February 2017.

The facility is designed to cater for approximately 200 users with core facilities such as shower suites, a locker room, a janitor and storage component and the associated water closets and urinals. Pertinent to the design was the treatment of and approach to the façade. The site for the Washroom Facility has a strong corner presence and is in itself a landmark. It was therefore instrumental to layer Yara’s brand identity, and in particular the spiral growth, on to the main façade. The corner presence and the treatment of the façade presented an opportunity to forge  Yara’s signature into the fabric of its landscape and people.