General Food Supermarket

The General Food Supermarket in Liguanea is one of two supermarket branches in Kingston and Ocho Rios, Jamaica. The project is an upgrade and replacement for the existing supermarket  which forms a part of the existing facilities of Liguanea Plaza Рwhich is one of the most used plazas in Kingston. The new supermarket is designed on a sloping site to the rear of the property and the existing supermarket will be demolished in the future as the new replaces the old. The supermarket is designed with sustainable features such as solar powered lighting, water catchment and reuse and energy efficient lighting, fixtures and equipment. This project is currently underway and its operating cost is expected to be reduced by an estimated 30% Рaccording to our energy simulations and careful placement of spaces, use of materials and equipment to reduce energy consumption. The project is anticipated to be the most energy efficient supermarket in Jamaica for some time due to the special care taken to reduce its running cost through using sustainable equipment and designed techniques and increase its profitability for our clients.