The Mars residence is located in the hills of St Andrew, Jamaica in the community of Millsborough. This house is a further exploration to define a Tropical modern aesthetic which is a fulfillment of our design ethos. As part of a gated community, this house is situated with views towards the inner Jacks Hills and green lush mountains.  Careful attention was paid in siting the house which involved virtual modeling and placing the spaces to match the terrain of the land. This was done to decrease site modification to reduce infrastructural  costs. Raised-on piers and retaining walls were used to reduce the foundations used in construction. The open plan design coupled with double story volume and huge expanses of glass, promotes natural lighting thoroughout the entire living space. All spaces allow for the enjoyment of the magical outdoor view. The butterfly roof will be used to catch and reuse rain water. Air movement through high louvered windows provides natural ventilation and lower energy costs.