Located on Point Lisas Industrial Estate in Central Trinidad, the organising thought behind the redesign of Yara’s Maintenance Change and Washroom facility was centred around the company’s Visual Identity.  The design recruited an approach that was “simple, optimistic, human, organized and united” – Yara, February 2017.

The facility is designed to cater for approximately 200 users with core facilities such as shower suites, a locker room, a janitor and storage component and the associated water closets and urinals. Pertinent to the design was the treatment of and approach to the façade. The site for the Washroom Facility has a strong corner presence and is in itself a landmark. It was therefore instrumental to layer Yara’s brand identity, and in particular the spiral growth, on to the main façade. The corner presence and the treatment of the façade presented an opportunity to forge  Yara’s signature into the fabric of its landscape and people.