The Alexis residence is located in Jacks Hill in the hills of St Andrew, Jamaica looking back at the Blue Mountain range. This house is an exploration into developing a Modern Caribbean esthetic that is responsive to our Caribbean Climate while satisfying the client needs for open spaces, connection to views, efficient usage of the lands with the flexibility of building the house in two phases.
The house is nestled into the steep hillside and designed to have two distinct faces. The hard southern exterior edge highlighting the entry while signifying a protected boundary and edge in contrast to a transparent north face with two story glass curtain walls to the rear of the site which captures breath taking views of the nearby mountains plants and foliage. This design decision blurs the lines and division between the structure and nature. The insides spaces become one with nature through clear expanses of glass and the internal courtyard and connecting bridge spanning from the living to privates/ sleeping areas. we explored a wide material palette of concrete wood steel and glass, all carefully arranged to make this piece of architecture.