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The ethos of our architectural practice stems from place making, innovation, and practical solutions.

Our team of young architects is always seeking to connect our clients vision to reality through our iterative design process. At the fore of FORM’s architectural ethos, sustainability is paramount. At FORM, we offer ourselves to each project/client as a vehicle to establish individuality for the client and, by extension the site. Though all our clients/projects are assigned a project architect, each project benefits from the diverse thoughts of our talented architects thereby providing the most unique parti for your project.

Contrary to most traditional practices, the firm encourages no separation between the design, production and construction process. We strongly believe that the process of design and innovation continues throughout all phases of design and construction which allows us to create positive impacts and effects on the built environment. Through our commitment to this design philosophy we have achieved interesting and novel results within established budgets while making strong and fulfilling statements for our clients, thereby achieving total stakeholder satisfaction. This has ultimately led to better spaces and living environments and an overall understanding of architecture as an extension of the human experience.

Our list of architectural services includes but is not limited to: –

  1. Brief Development and Preparation
  2. Conceptual Design
  3. Preliminary/Schematic Designs
  4. Final Designs
  5. 3D and Virtual Tours
  6. Construction Documentation
  7. Specification Writing
  8. Site Inspections