Sustainable Tropical Modern Architecture




Research is a very important part of design. We work closely with you to identify your needs, the challenges you’re facing, and determine the outcomes you expect. Our aim is to learn more about you, so we can give you exactly what you want. This stage allows us to communicate with our clients to create discovery process that is critical and often overlooked phase in development process. We never use a cookie-cutter approach when we collaborate with our clients. Each design is new and a new process developed from client needs.



Once we have identified needs and expected outcomes, our talented team of architects will customize a tailored solution designed to help you achieve your specific objectives. We create physical and virtual models of our design solutions to ensure that our clients can see clearly our design intent and how it satisfies the needs they have expressed.



This is often the most difficult stage of the design process and at this time we are deep in the trenches with the client’s contractor to ensure that all the specifications of the project is being carried out during the construction. We ensure our works are up to the highest standards to ensure that you our client gets exactly what they desire. We manage all project consultants and contractor to ensure on time delivery of each project within its budget till the project is complete and ready to be occupied.



At the completion of our design process, we now produce all construction information and specification that are required for building approvals and construction. Our experienced team draws upon their knowledge base to specific and design sustainable solutions that are low energy and are sustainable in their making and operation.