CVM at Sunrise | UBUNTU

UBUNTU means I am because we are

Parliament Design Submission

The FORM Architects team visited CVM at Sunrise morning show to present our submission to the parliament design competition, titled UBUNTU. Much like the translation of the word, the design represents inter-connectivity, promoting connectedness of the building with nature, the site (National Heroes Park) and the people of Jamaica. The building tells a story of the Jamaican people and our history through a graphic facade which displays snapshots of different periods- from the settlement of the indigenous peoples, colonization to the journey to emancipation.

The design utilizes 6D architecture, which allows us to simulate exactly how the building would perform in reality. Through this, the team was able to design a parliament building that allows for maximum ventilation and natural light, and that is energy efficient – using 60% percent less energy than a regular building of this size. The simple design allows for the involvement of the country’s local tradesmen and carpenters.

The team presented our design using virtual reality technology, which allowed the hosts to be immersed within the parliament design. They could walk through the interior and experience the building as if they were really inside a physical structure.

Below is the video of our visit to CVM at Sunrise – press play to view our design in VR! 


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